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Loop Image Convertion Tools - ImageLooper for Web

You can easily convert photos and other images to loop images.

Web Application for generating pattern texture

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This is a tool to help you easily create looping images that can be used for textures in 3D games and map chip images in 2D games.Anyone can use it for free.The image data you drag and drop here and the generated loop images are not uploaded to our server.The images you use are processed only in the memory of your browser.

About creating loop texture, I wrote blog here. please check it!

Step 1. load the image

Step 2. Generate pattern image

Loaded image

Select background color

Generated pattern image

Generate the pattern image below here from the loaded image file.

Loop display of pattern image (As a Example)

The figure below shows an example of looping a pattern image generated from a loaded image file. The resulting image is looped twice in the horizontal direction and twice in the vertical direction.

Step 3. Download the pattern image

The Download button allows you to download the generated image in png format.

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